Our Mission

Our Mission

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Fondation Didier Drogba

The Foundation’s primary mission is to facilitate acces to vulnerable population’s health, education and contribute to empowering through resource mobilization, partnership development and innovative projects.

This is why these objectives aimed at improving the quality of life in Africa are very clear and will go through different actions:

to health

Access to

The eradication
of poverty

The fight
against hunger

empowerment and
gender equality

to decent

and peace


Partnerships for the achievement of objectives

The Didier DROGBA Foundation’s strategy is to implement education projects and programs that help provide better options for improving the lives and future of children. It has therefore set itself the objective through its actions of promoting the fundamental right to education for all children without distinction.

Fondation Didier Drogba
Fondation Didier Drogba Fondation Didier Drogba

It is in this perspective that several education projects are deployed, including the distribution of school kits and teaching materials to children in isolated areas, construction of schools in rural areas and the creation of digital classes.

Fondation Didier Drogba

The Didier Drogba Foundation works for the well-being of each child and mother. Your support is essential to guarantee them the opportunity to survive and thrive.